It’s no secret that Jennifer Lawrence loves Vans. Just a couple of days ago, she was strolling around New York in a yellow pair of the casual footwear brand. At the time, we predicted a new spring trend, and the actor didn’t waste any time before returning to the model of Vans we all have lurking somewhere in our closets. Yes, the black ones—but pay attention, because she has not worn them in the most predictable way, thus serving new power combination. Take note.

Which pants should one wear with Vans? This question is one of the most asked when the Vans Old Skool model came out. The answer that comes quickly to our mind is jeans, right? The obvious choice, but not if you’re Jennifer Lawrence, apparently. The 33-year-old actor has given them a twist by pairing them with a suit jacket, officially granting Vans dress shoe status.

Mind you, the styling choice is a tricky one. We’re not looking at a prototypical suit—at least not in terms of proportion, which lean towards oversized. Incidentally, this incorporates another popular trend of the moment, as wide-leg pants like these have become the basic manual. In this way, Lawrence’s otherwise classic two-piece suit is modernized by both its size and her choice of sneakers.

Jennifer Lawrence

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Could you wear this look to the office on any given morning? Absolutely, yes. Honestly, your coworkers would have to look closely to even notice you’re not wearing loafers or ballet flats. It’s safe to say Jennifer Lawrence has found the most comfortable way to go to work without falling into a boring patterns or making life too complicated. Thanks again for the idea.

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