What kind of ghostbuster do you want to be?

Each year, Halloween becomes less of a kids’ holiday and more of an adult holiday. One reason is there are so many ways to celebrate. You can eat candy, engage in cosplay, throw a party or indulge in truly spooky activities, such as ghost hunting. If you want to try tracking spirits, there are a few things you’ll need. We asked BestReviews’ tech expert, Jaime Vazquez, to weigh in on the type of gear you require to be a real-life ghostbuster.

Do ghost detectors really work?

Before going too far, we need to answer the big question: Do ghost detectors really work? According to Vazquez, the answer depends on what you’re using them for.

“If you’re using ghost detectors to measure electromagnetic radiation, then absolutely they work,” he said. “But there is no valid scientific proof suggesting that they detect any kind of paranormal activity. However, there is plenty of proof that they provide a ton of fun for folks who like to hunt for ghosts.”

Why do so many people believe ghost detectors work?

The tool most ghost hunters swear by is an EMF meter. This helps people identify electromagnetic fields. It’s a real tool, and it works. It can help quickly identify problems with electrical wiring.

There are several reasons why ghost hunters say a spike in EMF levels indicates paranormal activity. Some believe these spikes are picking up energy from what’s left of the deceased individual’s mind. However, a more common theory is that paranormal researchers claim that ghosts can generate their own electromagnetic fields, which allows them to close doors, flicker lights and more.

When paranormal activity occurs, an EMF meter will detect the field created by a ghost and register a spike. One effect that an electromagnetic field can have on people who are sensitive is it stimulates certain areas of the brain to make it feel like something is watching from behind, which can be quite unsettling.

Three types of ghostbusters

If you want to be a ghostbuster, Vazquez noted there are three different categories. Before deciding which equipment to buy, you need to decide which type of ghostbuster you are. Vazquez said you can do this by asking yourself three questions:

  • Do you want to search for real ghosts?
  • Do you want to keep your home secure from any kind of weird activity?
  • Do you want to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween?

Once you know the answers to these three questions, you’ll know which equipment you need.

Equipment for real ghost hunters

“If someone is legitimately interested in seeing if there are ghosts in their house or they want to get into ghost hunting, then they will want a kit,” Vazquez said. “The kits usually come with at least one EMF meter.”

Vazquez pointed out that it’s important to monitor the things in your house that you can’t see. “There is a percentage of people who are sensitive to electromagnetic energy, in general. So those folks might want one if they’re trying to pick a room to sleep in or an office to work in. If you happen to be one of the few people who is sensitive to electromagnetic energy, an EMF meter can be a lifesaver.”

Vlifree EMF Meter

If you want to ease into the whole ghost hunting thing, Vazquez said the most essential piece of equipment is the EMF meter. This model tests magnetic field radiation, electric field and ambient temperature.

GhostStop Spirit Box Ghost Hunting Kit

If you already know you’re going to take this hobby seriously, this is a kit that Vazquez suggests considering. It’s well-built and rugged for times when you need to go investigating. It comes with everything you need to verify paranormal activity, including all the expected equipment plus an SBox spirit box and an SBox ghost scanner.

Ghost Hunting Logbook

If you discover any paranormal activity, you’re going to want to document your findings. This high-quality logbook lets you do exactly that. It features 108 pages designed to record paranormal activity information.

Equipment for securing your home

“If you’re really serious about this,” Vazquez said, “get some night vision goggles, a camera and a motion detection device.”

These items aren’t needed for seeing ghosts, they document evidence of paranormal activity. A camera can record when a fireplace lights up by itself or when a door swings open without a breeze. The night vision goggles let you clearly see what that thing is standing at the edge of the woods. Is it an animal or something else?

Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera

Vazquez noted this Kasa camera is perfect for ghost hunting because it has a motion sensor and night vision. “It’s not recording all night. It’s waiting for motion. If something happens, the camera kicks on and you can see everything because it has night vision.”

Frienda Ghost Hunting Light-Up Cat Balls

Cats love these balls because if they tap them just once, they light up. This makes the cat freak out and chase the ball all over the place. “You can leave these items out, so if one of the balls shifts at all, it will light up and you’ll immediately know where to look for paranormal activity,” Vazquez said.

Fvtga 4K Night Vision Goggles

These high-end models are for the serious ghost hunter. They offer 4K pictures and video and the unit has an anti-shake function in case your hands are quivering while using.

Cosplay gear

Vazquez advised, “If you’re going to do any of this, you should dress the part.”

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” Child Classic Costume

You can’t look any more the part than this. It’s an officially licensed “Ghostbusters” Halloween costume for kids. The costume comes with the jumpsuit, a Spangler nametag and an inflatable proton pack.

Kolossus Pro-Utility Cotton Blend Long-Sleeve Coverall

Adults who want the look can buy this long-sleeve coverall. It’s the perfect start to creating an authentic “Ghostbusters” uniform. It features two zippered front pockets and oversized back pockets.

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