Celebrities putting their names to perfumes and beauty brands isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s really taken off in recent years. With so many celebrity-branded products available, you might be wondering which are worth checking out.

You can find a variety of excellent celebrity beauty products, including skin care and makeup, at a range of price points, so there’s something to suit most budgets.

Celebrity-owned beauty brands worth checking out

These beauty brands are all celebrity-owned and produce a range of products worth checking out.

  • Rare Beauty: Launched in 2020, Rare Beauty is the brainchild of Selena Gomez. It sells all kinds of makeup, from concealer and foundation to liquid blush.
  • Flower Beauty: Flower Beauty is an affordable beauty brand brought to you by Drew Barrymore. Since its launch in 2013, it has produced a range of makeup and skin care products.
  • Haus Labs: Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs is a vegan cosmetics brand. It focuses on high-performance makeup with impressive pigments and skin care benefits.
  • Fenty Beauty: The extremely popular Fenty Beauty is owned by Rihanna. Products include makeup and skin care.
  • About-Face: Belonging to Halsey, About-Face is a makeup brand focusing on fun and bold products.
  • Honest Beauty: Honest Beauty is owned by Jessica Alba and sells skin care and makeup.

Celebrity-branded perfumes worth checking out

It’s less common for celebrities to own perfume brands, but there are plenty of celebrity-branded perfumes. These are made by existing perfumiers but have celebrity names attached to them.

  • God is a Woman: This scent from Ariana Grande is a fruity and floral perfume that’s still surprisingly complex.
  • Scent From Above: Endorsed by Dolly Parton, this perfume is every bit as sweet and floral as you’d expect.
  • Eilish Eau de Parfum: Sweet but warm and spicy, this fragrance from Billie Eilish is great for fans of vanilla perfumes who don’t want anything sickly sweet.
  • Fenty Eau de Parfum: Rihanna’s Fenty Eau de Parfum is based around warm florals with sweet and spicy notes.

What to look for in celebrity-owned and celebrity-branded products

Just because a brand is celebrity-owned, it doesn’t guarantee the product is of high quality or is the right option for you.

  • Product range: Some brands offer a wider range of products than others. You can find beauty brands that only focus on makeup, while others offer skin care, hair care and more.
  • Cruelty-free: Many big celebrity beauty brands are cruelty-free, meaning the products and their ingredients haven’t been tested on animals.
  • Vegan formulas: Some products go a step further and eschew all animal products, which is great for vegan or environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Price point: Some celebrity beauty brands have a high-end price tag, while others are more affordable with grocery-store prices. Although pricier doesn’t always mean better, more expensive makeup often uses more pigment and higher-quality pigment, giving you bolder results.

Best celebrity-owned beauty products and perfumes

Honest Beauty Honestly Pure Retinyl Serum

Jessica Alba’s retinyl serum helps refine skin texture and brighten dull skin. The retinyl can reduce the appearance of fine lines while the added hyaluronic acid moisturizes skin and increases elasticity, and the vitamin A exfoliates skin.

About-Face Brow Artist

Whether you don’t leave home without your brows on point or you want to up your eyebrow game, Halsey’s brow pencil is ideal. There’s an angled gel pencil for buildable color and a brush to help with definition.

Flower Beauty Chill Out Hydrating Skin Serum

Thanks to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid and hemp-derived CBD, Drew Barrymore’s affordable skin serum has excellent hydrating properties. It’s great for stressed-out skin, soothing and balancing it for an all-round healthier appearance.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Powder Foundation

One of the notable features about Rihanna’s powder foundation is the massive choice of 50 shades, so there’s something to match most skin tones. This foundation offers a medium coverage with a soft matte finish.

Rare Beauty Magnetic Spirit Eyeshadow Palette

Selena Gomez’s eyeshadow palette contains six rich metallic shades that add sparkle to any look. They’re ultra-creamy and blendable, making them a pleasure to work with, and have intense pigments, so you don’t need to use much for a bold appearance.

Haus Labs The Edge Precision Eyebrow Pencil

If you’re looking for an eyebrow pencil that gives you precise control for a sharp finish, this one from Lady Gaga is perfect. Since it’s super fine, you can achieve hairlike strokes, while the included brush helps get the finish just right.

Dolly Parton Scent From Above Perfume

This perfume has notes that include mandarin, blackcurrant and peony blossom with heart notes including jasmine and vanilla orchid and base notes including amber, fir and musk. This makes it a sweet and fruity choice with added layers of complexity, much like Dolly Parton herself.

Billie Eilish Eilish Eau de Parfum

Heavy on the vanilla, this perfume could have turned out overly sweet or one-note, but the inclusion of musks, woody notes and spicy notes makes it intricately layered. It comes in a striking bottle that will look great on your nightstand or dressing table.

Ariana Grande God is a Woman Eau de Parfum

Ariana Grande’s fragrance hits you with top notes of juicy pear and ambrette with mid notes of rose and orris and base notes of vanilla and cedar. It’s sweet and mildly floral but with woody and herbal notes that add a pleasant touch and keep it from veering into sickly territory.

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