The dupes are getting out of control. Like, I’ve heard of knockoff sofas and bags, but a full Kate Moss clone? Well, that’s creative!

On Monday, March 4, a leggy model walked the runway at the Marine Serre fall-winter 2024 fashion show in Paris, and onlookers were briefly confused into thinking the legendary Kate Moss had returned to the catwalk. But no, the model is Denise Ohnona, who just happens to look a lot like the English waif. This is not Kate Moss:

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Ohnona has built a career out of her resemblance to Moss, and goes by the handle @iamnotkatemoss on Instagram. Mostly she uses her appearance to create fun paparazzi moments and “repliKate” the model’s style, which seems like fair game, though just as a matter of respect, I’m not sure she should have made content about the Johnny Depp–Amber Heard saga….

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