Bella Hadid and Adnan Banuelos are ready for their closeup.

A few days after the 27-year-old model hard-launched her relationship with the 34-year-old equestrian with a Valentine’s Day Instagram Story, Banuelos made it onto her grid with a few throwback photos from Hadid’s horse stable birthday party in October. Included in the roundup was an image of the pai of the pair in similar cowboy hats, as well as a gif of the couple leaning in for a kiss.

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Clearly, these two are only getting more comfortable with PDA as time goes on. On March 8, the pair officially made their public debut at The American Performance Horseman in Arlington, Texas—and the photos from the equine sporting event look like movie stills from every horse girl’s dream rom-com. Hadid especially looked the part in a sparkly brown backless tank top and cowboy hat.

When Adan Banuelos was not defending his title as the American Performance Horseman Cutting Champion, he shared a sweet moment with Hadid that was captured by photographers (as well as Hadid’s mom, Yolanda, if I’m not mistaken). Tell me these images don’t belong on a Hallmark movie poster…I’ll wait.

Adan Banuelos and Bella Hadid

Adan Banuelos and Bella Hadid stare into each other’s eyes at The American Performance Horseman.

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