TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a Curiosity Stream Standard Plan is on sale for £142.57, saving you 55% on list price.

In a world where some car makers charge drivers monthly fees to use their heated seats (yep, that’s a real thing), Curiosity Stream’s lifetime subscription is a diamond in the rough. There’s no catch or password-sharing rules (like some other platforms) — just pay once and stream documentaries and nonfiction content for life.

And, with this limited-time price drop, Curiosity Stream’s lifetime plan is only £142.57. That’s a price you won’t find anywhere else online.

What will you watch first? Curiosity Stream has content on all of your favourite subjects like science, technology, history, nature, and art. Take a look at a few of the included series: Into the Jungle, Deep Time History, Polar Bears, The History of Home, and the award-winning Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places.

Discover thousands of movie-length documentaries and shorter shows, and always look forward to something new to watch with regular content updates.

Just like other streaming services, Curiosity Stream offers high-definition content on multiple devices, search tools to help you find your next binge-worthy series, and a watch-later list to bookmark everything that interests you. You’ll even have the option to download content ahead of time to watch offline, like on your commute or flights.

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But, unlike your other streaming services, you’ll never be charged monthly or yearly fees to enjoy content. Plus, with so many documentaries and docu-series at your fingertips, your mode of entertainment may also turn into an avenue for learning.

Get a lifetime subscription to Curiosity Stream while it’s on sale for £142.57. No coupon is needed for this best-on-web price.

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