South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham on Sunday said that President Joe Biden “has screwed the world up every way you can.”

Graham argued on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” that Biden has perpetuated “broken borders” and that “the world’s on fire.” When moderator Kristen Welker mentioned Biden’s statement Friday that he regretted using the term “an illegal” to describe Jose Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan who crossed the border into the U.S. and who has been charged in the murder of Laken Riley, Graham interjected to say that the reversal “really pisses me off.”

The South Carolina Republican has crossed party lines to praise Biden on foreign policy in the past, applauding Biden’s efforts to normalize Israel-Saudi Arabia relations in December.

Graham is a supporter of former President Donald Trump’s campaign, but he has broken with him on several issues, including Ukraine aid.

Pressed by Welker about a quote from fellow GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska in which she said, “Let’s just not even exist as a Senate then if we have to ask permission from Donald Trump for everything we do,” Graham disputed the notion that Trump “calls the shots” in the Senate.

“I’ve voted against things that, you know, he doesn’t like,” Graham said, adding: “The point is, to Lisa: Would you support the idea that our allies should pay us back if they can when we’re $34 trillion in debt?”

He referenced his support for providing more aid to Ukraine in its war with Russia, but only in the form of a loan that Ukraine would pay back after the war.

“This is ‘America First’ in action. It’s not isolationism, but it is considering the needs of the American people,” Graham added, referencing a term Trump often invokes to describe his approach to foreign policy.

He also spoke about his support for Ukraine, saying, “I hope to be going to Ukraine soon and I hope to tell them, ‘The aid is coming.’”

Graham also responded to questions about the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, saying, “I literally about fell out of my seat” during the president’s State of the Union address to Congress on Thursday when Biden said Hamas could end the conflict by releasing all of the hostages they took on Oct. 7.

“Is the president saying that if the hostages are released by Hamas, they can stay in power?” Graham asked on Sunday.

“President Trump believes it’s non-negotiable when it comes to Hamas. They have to be destroyed militarily. They can’t be in charge. So I’m challenging the Biden administration today to clear this up. You cannot allow Hamas to stay in power,” Graham added.

The White House did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

Graham also questioned Biden’s mental fitness, calling on him to “get in a room with [former President] Donald Trump and debate.”

“If there’s ever an election in the history of America that deserves a debate between two candidates, it’s this election,” Graham told “Meet the Press.”

He said he’s spoken with the Trump campaign, which Graham said told him that Trump is ready to debate “anytime, anywhere,” a phrase that the former president’s campaign has used before when calling for debates with Biden.

The Biden campaign hasn’t ruled out general election debates, but it also hasn’t firmly committed to Biden debating Trump.

As the president was departing Washington for Philadelphia on Friday, he told reporters, “It depends on [Trump’s] behavior,” in response to questions about whether he’ll debate the former president.

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