General Daily Insight for April 14, 2024

Give up or fight on — it’s up to us! When the emotional Moon snaps at perfectionist Venus at 11:24 am EDT, criticisms can cut to the quick and injure our feelings. Later on, the Moon elevates dedicated Saturn, providing us with stable and grounded energy to pursue our goals and make real progress. Finally, the Moon trines fiery Mars, bringing us a burst of ambition and energy that comes from within. Let’s use how we feel to motivate ourselves to grow.


March 21 – April 19

You might be your own worst critic. This may be something that’s a common practice with you, or it may be something that comes after a rare failure that damaged your faith in yourself. While it can be easy to beat yourself up in the aftermath of an issue, you’ll be happier overall if you forgive yourself first. After that, you can figure out what changes will help you avoid future problems. Remember, every mistake is just a step closer to knowing what’s right!


April 20 – May 20

Someone that you respect may unexpectedly chastise you. That being said, even if you didn’t expect them to come right out and say it, you were likely aware that an authority figure didn’t approve of some aspect of your life. While this can be discouraging, you’re not always going to agree, and that’s okay. You’re allowed to agree to disagree and continue to do what brings you joy. After all, you’re not the same person, so you’re not going to like all the same things!


May 21 – June 20

You aren’t raining on anyone’s parade — but others might be acting as though you are. As you build security in life, whether through your finances or in your career, it’s sadly likely that your friend group is less than supportive of your recent dedication to chasing your goals or saving for the future. It could even be that they don’t approve of your plans or ideas at all, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t move forward. Prove the naysayers wrong!


June 21 – July 22

The high standards of someone else may weigh on your day. Whether they hold themselves and everyone around them to these lofty standards or try to make an example of you after your behavior displeased them, their opinion likely won’t be relevant in the near future. What’s actually important is that you concentrate on listening to your dreams and making them come true, as the ambition and progress that you currently have access to might be for a limited time only.


July 23 – August 22

A mentor could have some tough love for you at the moment. This can be disheartening, especially if you look up to them, because criticism from them probably hits deeper than criticism from a peer or a stranger. It’s likely that they’re saying whatever they’re saying to you because they want you to grow from the place that you’re in now. It’s easy to get frustrated, but having a little more patience will go a long way with hearing and enacting constructive information.


August 23 – September 22

Rumors and gossip could be taking on a life of their own. A peer is possibly telling tales about you, particularly if you haven’t been around a certain group of friends lately. This frenemy may attempt to take advantage of your connections or your talents — rather than trying to make similar success happen for themselves, they might be trying to take yours or to at least set you back. Remember, don’t stoop to their level! Just keep doing what you’re doing.


September 23 – October 22

You’re able to be a positive leader at present, but it can be difficult to assign any less popular tasks to those you’re leading. You probably want to make everyone around you happy! While this is sometimes possible, it’s more often extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find a solution that truly makes everyone happy. Instead of running yourself ragged in every direction at once, consider taking a few moments to highlight your health and ensure you’re running on all cylinders. Take care of yourself!


October 23 – November 21

Hidden enemies may unintentionally reveal themselves to you. This is likely to be through something that you learn about or from them — either information that they let slip while talking to you or gossip about you that they’ve been spreading that has made its way back to you through another source. This can be hurtful, but it also allows you to move forward with a clearer mind and without their efforts to hold you back. Let go of those who don’t support you.


November 22 – December 21

Get accustomed to your own approval. You might be continuously looking to others for affirmation that you’re doing the right thing or are on the right track with art or your lifestyle. True, other perspectives can be valuable, but it’s a bad idea to avoid appreciating your perspective. Otherwise, you may find yourself lost in a maze of other people’s thoughts, potentially even alienated from yourself. Pay attention to what your heart is telling you, not only the opinions of others.


December 22 – January 19

A support system can bring you out of your shell. You could be struggling with being too insular — maybe you avoid working with others and feel like you have to do everything yourself in order to be taken seriously. While the desire to have an independent vision is understandable, it’s worth remembering that a lot of things take a village. Movie credits list more than just the director, after all! There is nothing wrong with collaborating. Just make sure you communicate your ideas.


January 20 – February 18

Being open to change can improve your current routine. While you may feel like it’s too much to alter long-held patterns or to memorize different habits, it’s important to at least make an effort to adapt to shifting circumstances. Attempting to stay in the past or refusing to leave a rut might leave you feeling stagnant, potentially even trapped in your own feedback loop. Making small, achievable edits and not pushing yourself too hard or fast are the keys to success.


February 19 – March 20

You might be tempted to take risks you wouldn’t expect from yourself. This could be because you feel like others aren’t respecting your needs or are egging you on into risky behavior. It’s important to be aware of where this desire to go out on a limb is coming from. If it’s driven by others, especially others who don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart, it may be wise to step back and rethink this dicey decision. Time for a little risk/reward analysis!

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