General Daily Insight for January 25, 2024

Emotions burn brightly. As tender Luna opposes intense Pluto, dramatic feelings like jealousy, obsession, and fear can rise up from the deep and overwhelm us if we aren’t grounded. Fiery Mars squares off with wounded Chiron at 12:15 pm EST, throwing gas on the fire and amplifying any ongoing frustration. The Moon then faces off with the self-possessed Sun and expansive Jupiter, hurting our pride and causing us to feel insecure or out of our element. Search for a way to tame the fire.


March 21 – April 19

Fear of judgment can overwhelm you without warning. Whether you’re in front of a large number of friends or a small group of family, any crowd may cause anxiety. What will they think of you after you speak to a gathering or perform onstage? Your concerns may get heightened by the addition of a public element, such as an audience of strangers or a recording of your efforts. Instead of letting negative what-ifs scare you, ask yourself what could happen if you succeed.


April 20 – May 20

You might feel torn between family members or roommates. Loved ones may begin acting in controlling or dominating ways, and because of this, you’re feeling torn in half, not wanting to disappoint anyone else. You’re at risk of getting wrapped up in what others want, particularly if you feel like you have to choose sides, but start by asking yourself what you really want. After all, it’s likely you that they’re arguing about. Have your say, but keep your emotions under control.


May 21 – June 20

Peer pressure may be leading you into a situation that you don’t want to be in. You are possibly being asked to do something that you’ve never done before, and you’re not comfortable just jumping in without thinking about it. They might not share the same values and morals that you have, and because of this, acquaintances or co-workers could be pushing you to act without even asking how you feel. Stand firm and don’t let your morals go to the wayside for them.


June 21 – July 22

Jealousy could be rearing its head regarding a current partnership of yours. This person may be a close friend, but that won’t stop envy from needling your heart if they receive something that you want. Whether it’s the exact thing you wanted, like an award in a competition that you were both in, or something more general, like them getting promoted or married, it may hurt to see. Still, instead of judging them for their good luck, try to enjoy their happiness without complaints.


July 23 – August 22

Obsession with making a connection work could take over your day. While you want it to happen, the other person may not be as into it as you are, potentially leaving you frustrated — you might even perceive them as an enemy just for disagreeing with you. Sit back and ask yourself if you actually need to be as close to them as you’re trying to be. Remind yourself that you don’t have to be best friends with everyone. They can simply remain an acquaintance.


August 23 – September 22

Fear can lead you to miss out on opportunities. You may know that someone else is competing for a promotion or an award, and because you are afraid of them or concerned about losing, you’re automatically missing out by not even trying. No matter how much more skilled or better connected you believe them to be, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t throw your hat in the ring. Don’t let something that hasn’t even happened yet keep you from your goals.


September 23 – October 22

Drama can be useful on occasion — specifically, right now. There could be someone in your friend group or workplace who is making things difficult for you and even possibly other people, but you are too afraid to confront them. Perhaps you don’t want to be the reason that drama is entering the group. It’s up to you whether or not you want to express yourself to them, but you may be doing everyone a favor by being brave and standing up to them.


October 23 – November 21

You may be more than a little obsessed with success right now. Because of your ambitious and focused attitude, you could accidentally steamroll the people in your way. The bridges that you’re inadvertently burning because of your tenacity might be ones that you still need! It’s good to be ambitious and want better for yourself, but it’s not worth knocking down other peers who want the same thing. Compete respectfully and with honor, or what will your success really say about you?


November 22 – December 21

You might be worried about a trip that you’re planning or taking. There are strong indicators that you’re expanding your horizons in some way today, and you might not be sure of your genuine feelings regarding this journey. There are likely a lot of unknowns when it comes to this expedition. Make an effort to stay aware of your surroundings to avoid missing something important. You’ll enjoy yourself more if you can be excited about doing something new, rather than terrified of something going wrong.


December 22 – January 19

Your pride may be hurt by someone that you weren’t expecting. This person might be an elder or a supporter of yours who normally has positive things to say, but even they could give you advice that causes you to feel criticized without warning. They’re probably not meaning any harm toward you, but instead trying to give you a warning that dangerous territory lies ahead if you continue down your present path. Do your best to set aside pride and truly contemplate their words.


January 20 – February 18

Envy isn’t a great look on you, Aquarius. Someone you’re interested in may appear to have the perfect life, perfect family, perfect career, all of that — and you probably want a piece of it yourself. If you’re unsure how to attain that status, you could be tempted to pursue a connection with them solely to access some of their energy or resources. Steer clear of that in favor of working to build success for yourself. Otherwise, you could drain them and damage your bond.


February 19 – March 20

Well-meaning comments can still hurt at the moment. When you’re too focused on someone or something, you may unintentionally neglect your other relationships, hobbies, or work. This risks hurting yourself and the people that you are connected to. Plus, when you’re deep within this fascination, you can make it difficult for your friends and family to break through and talk to you in a way that you can hear. Be self-aware — or else others might need to wake you up from your obsession.

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