Among the micro trends that surfaced last year—including latté dressing and tomato-girl style—the enduring “rich mom” aesthetic continues to hold sway in 2024, and Gisele Bündchen is leading the charge.

How can one adopt this style without actually being a wealthy mother? Firstly, start by embracing the key principles—such as subtle hues and exceptional craftsmanship—of the quiet luxury movement. Next, elevate the ensemble with bold statement pieces that radiate an aura of confidence and authority.

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Gisele’s latest outfit in New York City epitomizes the rich mom look. She wore a white rib-knit mididress cinched at the waist with a brown leather belt (it’s giving boho revival…) worn with a camel double-breasted overcoat. Adding to the über-affluent mood was a pair of knee-high suede boots, a denim Saint Laurent puffer bag complete with gold hardware and gold jewelry pieces.

Image may contain Gisele Bündchen Clothing Pants Person Walking Adult Pedestrian Accessories Jewelry and Necklace

Even on her days off, she looks expensive.


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