Kirsten Dunst is a Taurus, but more important, a “light summer”—at least, according to color analysis practitioners, who analyze the tones of a person’s features to determine what colors will look the best on them, and at what depth.

As color analyst Nathalia Eugenio Vaz told Glamour, “Seasonal color analysis is a technique [used] to identify your color palette and determine the group of colors that harmonize with your complexion,” adding that there’s a quick and easy way to get a baseline sense of where your skin is, temperature-wise: “There isn’t a cool tone of orange, so if you like to wear orange tones, you most likely have a warm or neutral-warm undertone rather than cool.”

And it seems like Kiki—or her stylist—is a believer in the theory, because she just stepped out in an all-berry outfit that’s literally on this color map a Redditor made for her. And credit to the coloristas out there: She looks great.

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For an appearance on Good Morning America, Dunst paired a swingy wine red skirt with a thin maroon knit top and metallic gold strappy sandals. For the morning show, she kept the makeup light and bright, opting for an almost coral lip. If you want to use color analysis to find the perfect lipstick shade for your “season,” get started with our explainer, right here.

Clearly, this is an area of the color spectrum where Dunst feels comfortable: For the Emmys she chose a black dress with red polka dots that, when viewed from a distance, gives the appearance of dark crimson.

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