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Jokari logo banner with clouds 50 yearsJokari logo banner with clouds 50 years

Create, Wash, Create Something New, Wash Again, and Keep Creating!

Jokari Apack B09CHFHB77 drawing Jokari Apack B09CHFHB77 drawing

Jokari Apack B09CHFHB77 in the washing machineJokari Apack B09CHFHB77 in the washing machine

Apack B09CHFHB77 clean backpackApack B09CHFHB77 clean backpack

Ready for a New Design? Let Them Express Themselves!

With the Jokari Art-a-Pack, the opportunities are endless. Draw your favorite flower or something abstract, or maybe write a happy greeting to those you pass by!

(Don’t forget to use washable markers only!)

Slip into the Washing Machine…

When you use washable markers to draw on the Art-a-Pack — they will wash right out when you put it in the laundry machine!

…and it Comes Out Like New!

Your backpack will be as good as new, ready for new artistic expressions!

Jokari Apack B09CHFHB77 cover for other backpackJokari Apack B09CHFHB77 cover for other backpack

The Art-a-Pack Slips Perfectly Over Your Favorite Backpack

Maybe you need an extra layer of protection to keep your other backpack clean or maybe you find your current backpack too boring to be seen in public. The Art-a-Pack easily slips over most standard-sized backpacks. By covering your current backpack with the Art-a-Pack, you combine the weight-bearing capabilities of your current backpack with the creativity of your new Art-a-Pack!

“Dad, Don’t Look, I’m Not Finished!”

Apack B09CHFHB77 don't look at my artApack B09CHFHB77 don't look at my art

While your young artist-in-training or arts and crafts fan may not actually set their new backpack on an easel, they’ll be excited to make this new backpack all their own. Maybe they struggle to pick out a new bag every year? Now they can add whatever color, graphic, or illustration that they feel like showing off!

(However, you might have to wait until they finish their work before you get to look at their masterpiece.)

16" tall, 12" wide, 7" deep Apack B09CHFHB77 16" tall, 12" wide, 7" deep Apack B09CHFHB77

The Art-a-Pack is sized for all-ages, so your kid can use it from their first art class in elementary school to their last in high school!

The Apack has the following dimensions:

16″ Tall12″ Wide7″ Deep

Perfect for carrying art paper, colored pencils, pens, paints, and more!

Apack B09CHFHB77 on easelApack B09CHFHB77 on easel

Access the Imagination with This Empty Canvas of Endless Possibilities

With the Art-a-Pack, you endow your young artist with same benefits of the blank canvas, only this is one they can take with them! Encourage their creativity, expression, and imagination as they translate their minds to the backpack. Even better, a cycle in the laundry machine lets start fresh!

COMPATIBLE WITH MOST STANDARD SIZED KNAPSACKS. Just about any standard backpack will fit inside this case universally with easy access to binders, books, folders, pens, pencils and any other materials
WORKS WITH ANY WASHABLE MARKERS, GREAT FOR STUDENTS OF ANY AGE. Kids get messy. Keep new backpacks clean and sparkling with a fully machine washable cover they’ll love decorating over and over again
NEVER GRAB THE WRONG BACKPACK AGAIN. With a look that is all their own, your little one will know exactly which sack is theirs so you don’t ever have to drive across town to swap bags again
BEST BACK TO SCHOOL GIFT FOR BOY OR GIRL STUDENTS. Whatever grade your child is rising to give them the freedom to express themselves to showcase their creativity around their hobbies and interests
EXTRA LAYER OF PROTECTION FROM RAIN AND SNOW. When wet weather strikes and your child forgot their umbrella, keep their backpack and all the paper and electronic contents dryer until they make it home

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