A judge on Wednesday recommended that John Eastman, a co-defendant of Donald Trump in the Georgia election interference case, be disbarred in California.

“In view of the circumstances surrounding Eastman’s misconduct and balancing the aggravation and mitigation, the court recommends that Eastman be disbarred,” wrote Judge Yvette D. Roland.

“After full consideration of the record,” the court found that the State Bar of California’s Chief Trial Counsel’s Office, had satisfied its burden of proving a vast majority of its allegations against Eastman.

Eastman was hit with 11 disciplinary charges tied to allegations that he promoted a strategy that wasn’t backed by facts or law, which entailed a plan to have then-Vice President Mike Pence reject electoral votes cast for Joe Biden during a joint session of Congress on Jan. 6, 2021. 

Reached for comment, an attorney for Eastman told NBC News his legal team is still processing the judge’s ruling.

The judge’s recommendation comes two years after the State Bar of California announced an ethics investigation into Eastman’s conduct. In 2023, the State Bar asked the court to revoke Eastman’s license to practice law in California.

Eastman is also facing other legal challenges stemming from his conduct in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

In August, he was charged with orchestrating the so-called fake electors scheme designed to keep Trump in office after the 2020 presidential election, was indicted along with 18 co-defendants for allegedly violating Georgia’s racketeering laws.

Four of the defendants have pleaded guilty, while Eastman is among those who, like Trump, have pleaded not guilty.

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