Kylie Kelce had a great time at Milan Fashion Week, where she made her FROW debut in a surprising sheer top.

“We are starting a new series here called Places Kylie Has No Business Being. Starting off strong, we’re at Milan Fashion Week,” the mom of three joked at the beginning of a TikTok documenting her trip abroad. Admitting that she’s not super interested in being “an aesthetic fashionable girlie,” Kelce revealed that one of her “dear friends” Elena is into fashion, and they’d been planning the trip to Milan for over a year. So lest anyone think a certain leggy blonde inspired her to attend, no.

Between food and sightseeing, Kelce was able to take in two shows: Alberta Ferretti (front row!) and Moschino. She even got to go backstage (well, to the showroom) and meet Signora Ferretti and rocked three fantastic pantsuits: silver, then blue, then black.

Before her trip to Milan, the only Kylie Kelce Style Commandment we knew about was to never wear merch for an NFL team besides the Eagles. She famously wears red—but not KC gear—to Chiefs games.

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Online, the comments were super positive, praising Kelce’s simple elegance and humility, as well as reassuring her that she belongs in Milan. The top comment, though, was a fan jokingly asking who was “watching” her husband Jason Kelce. Hello! His three daughters! We’ve heard they’re very responsible for preschoolers.

It’s so fun to get a behind-the-scenes moment with Kelce who, while not an attention-seeker, is always comfortable and charming when talking to the public. She has to be, given that her husband and brother-in-law are full-on podcast bros now. “I have no filter, and people think they’re getting the inside scoop when I appear on [New Heights]. But the boys rat themselves out every single week,” she told Glamour. “They’re very self-aware individuals. It’s kind of entertaining.” Girl, so are you!

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