“I have had so much experience,” she said. “If you look at the fact that I am one of very few people who can say that I have been part of now three presidential campaigns, the media exposure and experience that we in the Trump family have had over the past eight years rivals most people who make their career in politics.

“I think the reason that I’m here is to assure people who ever had any question as to how their money is being spent, can they trust the RNC? Can they donate to this entity?” Trump added. “Trust me, I am the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump. I will ensure that every penny of every dollar is going to causes that Republican voters care about.”

And asked about her message to Republican voters who backed other GOP presidential candidates, like former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, she framed the election as a binary choice for Republicans who don’t want President Joe Biden re-elected.

“They don’t want to vote for Joe Biden, that’s for sure. The option is Joe Biden or Donald Trump,” she said. “Whether you like his personality or not should not have any bearing on anything. They are welcome to come back. We are here to work as a party.”

Before she officially joined the RNC, Lara Trump told Newsmax that “every single penny will go to the number one and the only job of the RNC — that is electing Donald J. Trump,” and said Republican voters would be interested in paying the former president’s mounting legal bills.

She has since broadened that view in more recent interviews, and she told NBC News that down-ballot races are key priorities, too.

“Well, the No. 1 job of the RNC is to, of course, support the Republican candidate for president. That is Donald Trump. But of course, we are paying attention to all about down-ballot races, as well,” she said.

“The truth is, it’s great if we win the presidency, and I think that’s imperative, but we also want to expand our lead in the House. We want to take back the Senate. So we are paying very close attention to all those races. We will be supporting [them] in a very big way.”

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