Well, as one fan of AD wrote in the comments section of E! News’s Instagram post, “REJECTION IS FORM OF PROTECTION. There is better LOVE for you AD.” Another fan initially thought the post was announcing AD as the next Bachelorette, which is not a bad idea.

Meanwhile, AD wrote that she’s “ready for the real tea” at the reunion, which Netflix dropped on March 13. Contestants Amy Cortés, Johnny McIntyre, Jeramey Lutinski, Kenneth Gorham, Brittany Mills, Jimmy Presnell, Jess Vestal, and Chelsea Blackwell were all in attendance alongside AD and Clay. You can see all their reunion looks here—and yes, Jeramey is wearing a Hawaiian shirt. We also got to hear from Trevor Sova, whose status as a fan favorite plummeted amid rumors that he was in a committed relationship during filming.

As for Clay and AD at the reunion, the former admitted that he made a mistake when he said “I don’t” at the altar, adding, “She’s honestly the love of my life.” (The power of that revenge dress…) When asked if they would consider dating again, Clay said he 1000% would. AD’s response? “Next question.” Damn!

Personally, I would have liked to hear more from Clay’s mom, Margarita, who ended up being the show’s true voice of reason. Perhaps she should host the reunion alongside Nick and Vanessa Lachey?

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