The hottest news on the internet right now is that Nara Smith and her husband, Lucky Blue Smith, have welcomed their third child, named Whimsy Lou Smith.

If that sentence makes absolutely no sense to you, then you haven’t been one of the many people online who have become positively obsessed with the model/actor (Lucky Blue) and what they call his “tradwife” (Nara) over the past few months.

You may also not recognize Nara by name, but likely have seen videos on your feed of a young, beautiful, impeccably dressed woman making things like “lemon glazed donuts” from scratch.

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Since she started posting in earnest on social media last year, Nara has become the object of fascination for some, annoyance by others, and has launched a thousand think pieces.

But why? If you’re confused, I’m here to help, in the latest edition of TL;DR.

Give me the tl;dr.

Nara Smith, the beautiful, glamorous, Gen Z tradwife, has become the face of what many are calling the regressive movement of young women who are seeking to return to more “traditional” roles.

Wait, I need more. What’s the background here?

Nara is the wife of Lucky Blue Smith, an actor and model who was called the “male model of the moment” by Teen Vogue at just 16. Lucky Blue was raised Mormon, but it’s unclear if he still belongs to the church. The couple got married right before COVID lockdown, and Nara became the stepmother to Lucky Blue’s daughter with fellow model Stormi Bree (some random fun facts: he was 18 when his daughter, Gravity Blue, was born and Bree is now dating Joe Jonas following his split from Sophie Turner).

Another random fact is that no one seems to know how old Zara is; her Wikipedia says 22, but the People article about their wedding said she was 24 in 2020. So, who knows! The couple now has three children of their own: Rumble Honey, Slim Easy, and now baby Whimsy. Nara is also a model with IMG and blogs about her life on Substack.

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