No surprise here, but one of the biggest animated movies of all time is getting a sequel.

The only sort of interesting part is that the news was confirmed by Nintendo themselves. The company’s official account on X (formerly Twitter) posted a personal message purportedly from Super Mario Bros. creator Shigeru Miyamoto confirming that a second animated Mario movie would come to theaters worldwide in April of…2026.

These things take time!

That’s all there is to report about this, for now.

A follow-up tweet clarified that Nintendo would be working more closely with Illumination, the studio behind 2023’s smash hit Super Mario Bros. movie, this time around, but it’s tough to tell what that means at this point. It’s safe to say it probably won’t resemble the live-action movie from the early 1990s, though.

Nintendo shared this news because it’s technically “Mario Day.” As in, “March 10” when abbreviated kind of looks like “Mario.” Get it? Given how much money last year’s animated romp made, the only real surprise here is that the sequel isn’t coming out sooner.

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