Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling exchanged Barbenheimer barbs while presenting a tribute to 2023’s best stunt performances at the 2024 Oscars. The two stars played the titular Barbenheimer‘s other halves: Oppenheimer’s Kitty and Barbie’s Ken.

Before presenting the montage, Gosling said, “I’m happy that we can finally put this Barbenheimer rivalry aside.” After teasing a little, Blunt replied sharply, “And has turned out that it wasn’t much of a rivalry so…” — a reference to Oppenheimer‘s stellar awards run.

Blunt’s remark led Gosling to come for Oppenheimer‘s throat. He said, “You know, I think I kind of figured out why it’s called Barbenheimer and not Oppenbarbie… You’re on the tail end because you rode Barbie‘s coat tales all summer.” Burnnnn. Blunt replied, “OK thanks for ‘Kensplaining’ that, Mr. ‘I need to paint my abs on to get nominated.'”

We’ll get to experience even more of Gosling and Blunt’s A-list chemistry in the upcoming film The Fall Guy.

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