Pat McGrath and Paris Haute Couture Week go hand-in-hand and the legendary makeup artist is once again making a splash with her latest viral look at the Maison Margiela Haute Couture Spring 2024 show.

McGrath is no stranger to big beauty moments—last season she covered Doja Cat in head-to-toe red crystals—but she may have officially outdone herself by transforming models into porcelain dolls, featuring ultra-shiny smooth skin, pencil-thin eyebrows, and painted colorful makeup.

Pat McGrath Turned Models Into Porcelain Dolls on the Maison Margiela Runway
Pat McGrath Turned Models Into Porcelain Dolls on the Maison Margiela Runway

The look has gone viral on social media, with users marveling at how McGrath recreated the look and texture of porcelain skin. TikTok account @frontedbeauty broke down how McGrath may have pulled off the realistic glass look, pointing to the professional makeup product Kryolan Liquid Glass, which is used like “latex painted on top of the skin.” One model shared how she took off her makeup after the show by peeling off a thin layer of latex from her face.

According to the brand website, Kryolan Liquid Glass is “a viscous preparation with a low alcohol content which evens out skin details and dries to an extremely glossy finish.” It can be applied in layers and appears like a glass coating on skin, which can be lifted off after drying or removed with warm water and soap.

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