Calls for Biden to step down ignore his record

Rego Park: President Biden does not need to be replaced. One poor debate showing does not define his competency and ability to lead this country.

There is such a thing as being overprepared, which can lead to information overload. Biden erred in trying to memorize all the points instead of leading from his head and heart with the truth and honest information. If he did that, he would have trashed Donald Trump. We know Trump is a liar, misogynist, convicted felon and bigot (what are “Black jobs”?) who spouted more than 34 blatant lies during the debate.

Biden has accomplished many important initiatives that benefit all Americans, some of which are: the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the first major piece of gun safety legislation in three decades; helped to lower the cost of health care for millions of Americans; issued historic student debt relief for middle- and working-class families; an executive order to narrow the racial wealth gap, which invests in communities facing persistent poverty and advances programs and policies to deliver racial justice; nominated Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court; issued the Inflation Reduction Act, which lowers costs for families, combats the climate crisis, reduces the deficit and makes the largest corporations pay their fair share; and the American Rescue Plan, which changed the course of the pandemic and jumpstarted our economic recovery.

What has Trump done but lie, twist the truth and cause the deaths of many Americans by his mismanagement of the pandemic? He was fired by the American people and can’t accept it. Lois Pounds


Butler, N.J.: Out of approximately 182 million people in the U.S. over the age of 35, why are we being offered a chance to vote for one of these two individuals for president by the two major parties? All registered voters should be flooding their respective committee leaders demanding an old-fashioned national convention. Let all states have a say rather than a few states where primaries are held early. I’d bet that somewhere among the 182 million people, both the Democrats and Republicans would be able to field a more palatable selection for “We the People.” Anne Mickens

Also old

Forest Hills: Voicer Frank J. Perry says that Biden is way over the hill. All you Trump-lovers talk about how old Biden is and feel that one of the reasons he should not be president is his age. Wake up, Republicans, and open your eyes — Trump is up there in age too (78), and is over the hill, besides other things. I would vote for Biden 100 times over that good-for-nothing Trump. Christine Grant

Judge by his friends

Neponsit: Yes, Joe is an elderly man past his prime. But he surrounds himself with young, capable and intelligent advisors. His cabinet doesn’t make me lose sleep. I would vote for Biden’s corpse before I’d vote for Mango Mussolini and his insurrectionist minions. Stephanie Rosalia

Just wacky

East Meadow, L.I.: Let me see if I’ve got this straight: Donald Trump is a pathological liar who lied throughout last month’s presidential debate, is calling for a televised military tribunal for former Republican Rep. Liz Cheney and the jailing of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Trump didn’t correctly remember the name of his own doctor, said he never heard of Project 2025 and knows nothing about it — yet he says he disagrees with some of it — rambled incoherently about sharks and batteries, mixes up Barack Obama with Biden, and referred to his wife Melania as “Mercedes” at his CPAC appearance. Yet, the media and some politicians think that Biden should drop out of the race? Unbelievable. Richard Skibins

Saved by distractions

Dartmouth, Mass.: Each time there has been an indictment, conviction, prior employee expose, inane comment or unverifiable boast, it is immediately followed by a new headline obscuring any real negative impact on Trump’s popularity and support from millions. The post-debate coverage of Biden’s fumbled responses and frail demeanor received more media attention than Trump’s simplistic and lie-filled answers and accusations. It is as though Trump’s inadequacies and inanities are generally acknowledged and acceptable to millions of Americans. Clearly, Biden is being held to a higher standard despite all the positives he has accomplished during his tenure. Trump is given a wide berth for hyperbole, hypocrisy, crassness and a monumental disdain for the truth. It is appalling when one candidate is beyond reproach, despite humiliating and proven criminality, and the other is criticized for periodic confusion that affects his public persona but not his ability to pursue a generally progressive agenda. Betty Ussach


Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: I am a registered Independent voter and I have no intention of voting for either of the two major party candidates. Neither of them belong in the White House. One belongs in prison and the other belongs in a nursing home, though I can’t seem to decide which belongs where. Al DeLuca

Master plan

Far Rockaway: Those of you who want to vote for Trump obviously have no idea what damage this so-called Project 2025 will do to our democratic freedoms. Trump lies when he says that he has nothing to do with this. I’m not asking you to read all 900-plus pages but you should ask or tune into a reliable podcast to get an understanding of how detrimental this plan is. Trump is a truly twisted individual and is not qualified to even run his own businesses. Finally, the Democrats who suggest that Biden should step down know damn well that it would fracture the delegates. And by the way, I despise Sen. Tim Scott and I’m almost certain that many people of color feel the same way. Ora Reed

Closing salvo

Sayville, L.I.: Project 2025 will be remembered as the 21st century’s “Mein Kampf.” Jan. 6 was the U.S. version of a Kristallnacht against democracy. I say that with zero disrespect to the victims of Hitler. I say it to illustrate the chilling parallels between a terrible past and a terrible present. We are speeding down a very bad road. Michael Hooker

Hearty fighter

Bronx: I was touched by Tony Paige’s account of former boxing champion Heather “The Heat” Hardy’s struggles and her hard life story (“Fighting to keep ‘The Heat’ on,” July 7). She’s a fighter through and through, battling afflictions from all the blows she took, yet devoting her time, spirit and knowledge to train young boxers who aspire to success in the ring. You can’t spell Heather without “heart.” Fred Smith

Straight facts

Larchmont, N.Y.: To Voicer Kathleen Slattery: Thank you for your well-informed response to Voicer Robert Lobenstein concerning John Deere’s move to Mexico. Most Trump supporters blame Biden for everything when, in fact, the vast majority of our current problems can be traced to Trump! Unfortunately, as Col. Jessup says in “A Few Good Men”: “They can’t handle the truth!” Steve Michaud

Heated issue

Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.: Higher carbon emissions, hotter oceans: hairier hurricane seasons (“Hot H2O boosts Beryl,” July 7) are just what we’ve been expecting. With the first powerful storm showing up in June, just how many will there be, and how many will hit the New York area? Gov. Hochul is not upholding the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, in place for New York to do its part to fight climate warming and the damaging weather systems it fuels. Renewable energy and storage deadlines are way off track. We’re still breathing greenhouse gases that should be well on their way to reduction. Hochul must make her commitment to New York law clear and follow through on the climate mandate. Sally Kellock

Shed fee

Boynton Beach, Fla.: Much has been discussed about reducing vehicle traffic in order to reduce congestion. Why hasn’t there been more said about the impact of the restaurant sheds that exist on streets? They effectively remove an entire lane of traffic. The fees charged by the city seem unreasonably low for this imposition. Perhaps a fee of $50 per square foot for locations south of 60th St. would have a greater impact on increasing the flow of traffic, or more reasonably compensate the city/MTA for this privilege. Andrew LeWinter

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