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1.5 liter hydration hip pack with a large side pocker & extension belt1.5 liter hydration hip pack with a large side pocker & extension belt

Packs That Support Peak PerformancePacks That Support Peak Performance

Quench Thirst & Stash Gear with EaseQuench Thirst & Stash Gear with Ease

Maxed-Out Bladders, Minimized StruggleMaxed-Out Bladders, Minimized Struggle

Created by Adventurers, for AdventurersCreated by Adventurers, for Adventurers

Packs That Support Peak Performance

Say goodbye to dehydration distractions, and hello to limitless potential! Unleash your inner adventurer with our hip hydration pack, designed to elevate your game and keep you fueled for every challenge. These stylish but rugged hip bags are the ultimate hydration solution for hikers, mountain bikers, dirt bike riders, and runners alike.

Quench Thirst & Stash Gear with Ease

Our hip pack features a fully sealed, waterproof compartment, ensuring your valuables are secure. This dirt-resistant wonder protects your gear from the elements even in a crash. There’s also a side pocket designed to accommodate even the largest of smartphones. And our pack offers thrill-seekers the option to carry elbow pads.

Maxed-Out Bladders, Minimized Struggle

Stay hydrated and focused on the journey ahead with a hydration pack that works with you, not against you. It not only allows you to hold up to 1.5L of water, but the additional pouch allows you to carry one additional 1.5L water bottle. When you fill the bladder to the brim with fluids, it won’t be a chore to put it back into the main pocket. Even when fully filled, it will effortlessly slide into place.

Created by Adventurers, for Adventurers

We aim to inspire, empower, and equip outdoor enthusiasts so that they can explore the world confidently. We’re dedicated to crafting innovative, high-quality gear that meets the diverse needs of all adventurers and strive to create a global community of people that celebrate the spirit of the great outdoors.

Engineered to Conquer Every ActivityEngineered to Conquer Every Activity

Hip Packs That Put Your Comfort FirstHip Packs That Put Your Comfort First

Fits Around Hips of All Shapes & SizesFits Around Hips of All Shapes & Sizes

A Side Strap to Store Shades or a RadioA Side Strap to Store Shades or a Radio

Engineered to Conquer Every Activity

Made for the fearless explorer, this tough, rugged hydration pack is ready to accompany you through thick and thin, from the highest peaks to the deepest valleys. It’s crafted from high-quality materials, selected to ensure maximum strength and resilience.

Hip Packs That Put Your Comfort First

Our innovative comfort waist strap fits snugly around your hips, distributing weight evenly and preventing back strain. We also incorporated an EVA back support into the design to provide cushioning so you remain comfortable, even during the most demanding treks or rides.

Fits Around Hips of All Shapes & Sizes

Included with the hydration waist pack is an extension band. Without using the extension band, the strap can be adjusted from 28-41 inches, and if you need more slack, add the extender, so you can adjust from 40.5 to 53.5 inches. This is handy for plus-size men and women or if you’re wearing a jacket.

A Side Strap to Store Shades or a Radio

The accessory strap on the side pocket is designed to hold your safety glasses and a radio securely, so you stay protected and connected while navigating nature’s wonders. Now you can confidently explore, knowing that your essential gear is always within reach and ready for action.

Never miss a sip on your next tripNever miss a sip on your next trip

Fuel all of your outdoor adventures in styleFuel all of your outdoor adventures in style

A biker's quest to redefine outdoor gearA biker's quest to redefine outdoor gear

Effortless Hydration for Every Adventure: This versatile 1.5L hydration hip pack is designed to keep hikers, mountain bikers, dirt bike riders, runners, and other outdoor adventures refreshed and ready to tackle any challenge; The hydration belt will help you stay quenched around the clock, so you can focus on the journey ahead
Abundant Storage – Pack More, Worry Less: Our mtb water waist pack for men and women has room for everything you need to head out and explore the outdoors; It features a large side pocket for your cell phone, a waterproof compartment, an accessory strap for glasses and a radio, and options to carry additional water and elbow pads
A Pack That Adapts to Your Unique Shape: The waist strap on the supportive biking and running fanny pack can be adjusted from 28 to 41 inches; We also included a convenient extension strap with this hydration bladder hip bag; This extender allows the bag to fit around waists from 40.5 to 53.5 inches comfortably
Engineered for Easy Removal & Refilling: Removing the water reservoir when you need to refill it is a piece of cake; Also, getting the bladder back into the main pocket of the water fanny pack when it’s filled with fluid is equally as easy; This ensures you can get back to the fun stuff right away
A Brand Rooted in Outdoor Enthusiasm: Fueled by a passion for exploration and a deep connection to nature, we’re dedicated to creating high-quality gear that enhances your outdoor experiences; We’re confident in the design and quality of this hydration hip bag and back it with a 12 Month Replacement Promise

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