Actor, producer, Glamour cover star, and reigning queen of makeup-free selfies, Salma Hayek is many things. But one thing she is most certainly not? A gatekeeper of beauty secrets. And for that, we are grateful.

An advocate for both embracing your grays and covering them if you want to, the 57-year-old has divulged her fair share of gray hair-hiding tips over the years. In a July 2023 Instagram post, the Magic Mike star jokingly shared a tip to avoid showing your gray strands. “Don’t wear your glasses on your hair!” she wrote, alongside a photo of her hair pushed back exposing her grays.

Jokes aside, Hayek decided to drop some real gray-covering tips in an Instagram reel on February 27. Mid-glam from a makeup chair wearing a robe, Hayek shared her DIY-friendly tip for covering up gray hairs.

“Look at all these white hairs,” she said while combing through her hair. “So what is the secret? The secret…how can you cover [gray hair] sometimes without having to dye it?”

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“So when I’m on my own, I just put mascara. You know, you clean it really well, and then just go like this,” she continued, demonstrating how she paints over her gray hairs using black mascara. (FWIW, it looks a lot like Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara.)

Hayek’s trick has more benefits than just coverage. “All the rebellious little [hairs] that stick up not only go black, but they stay flat,” she says. So really, it’s a two-in-one tip: Conceal any unwanted color and keep your fly-aways in place!

Hayek doesn’t apply mascara to her hair in the video, since she prefers to use the hack when she’s “on her own.” Since Hayek was in a glam session, she decided to leave it to the pros. “We have an amazing hair dresser working with us,” she continued, referring to her hairstylist Miguel Martin Perez.

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