Adult film star Stormy Daniels detailed in a documentary released this week how she has faced increasingly violent threats following former President Donald Trump‘s indictment last year on charges related to hush money payments that involved her.

Daniels, in the documentary “Stormy,” described how her life was transformed in 2018 when she publicly claimed she’d had sex with Trump more than a decade ago. It was reshaped again in March 2023, she said, when Trump was accused of falsifying business records surrounding payments made to her in 2016. Trump has pleaded not guilty, and he has denied that he slept with Daniels.

After the indictment, Daniels said, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen texted her to express his fear for her safety. Her address was soon leaked online.

Daniels, who is passionate about horses, recalled an incident at her home that involved someone trying to draw out a horse she owns in hope that she would come outside.

“They shot him with the rubber bullet,” Daniels said.

The horse survived but still had marks from where it was shot.

Daniels also received threats on social media, with users saying “hope you die b—-,” as well as message telling her to kill herself and one saying she “will die and be forgotten,” along with a slew of vulgar insults and obscenities. She has previously detailed some of the threats lobbed at her.

“The justice system failed me,” she said in the documentary, which is streaming on NBC’s streaming service Peacock. “It has absolutely failed me in every single way.”

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was no stranger to threats before the indictment. She said she feared for her safety and that of her family when she started speaking out against Trump.

“I was completely sure that I was going to die,” she said.

Daniels added that while she was on a performance tour, she purposely limited her visits home to maintain a sense of normalcy for her daughter.

“I can’t be home for more than 24 hours because then press parks in my f—— front yard and she can’t ride her bike,” Daniels said in video included in the documentary.

“I have to stay away from her,” she added.

Daniels is expected to testify in Trump’s hush money trial, which could start in mid-April. A judge recently rebuffed Trump’s efforts to keep her and Cohen from taking the stand for the prosecution.

Trump faces criminal charges in three other cases, none of which have trial start dates.

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