A 17-year-old has been arrested for his role in a wild Times Square brawl turned stabbing outside a migrant shelter earlier this year, police said.

The youth was charged with gang assault and assault in the Feb. 22 melee, which left another 17-year-old boy with a stab wound.

The charged teen’s name is not being released due to his age.

Previously arrested is 22-year-old Michael Colome, who was nabbed alongside two 14-year-old boys and three 16-year-old boys. All six were charged with gang assault, assault and weapons possession.

The clash broke out nearby the Candler Building, a vacant office tower-turned-migrant shelter.

At Colome’s February arraignment, prosecutors described the attack as a 23-on-one assault on the victim that was part of an ongoing violent dispute between two rival groups.

One of the people involved pulled out a knife and chased about a dozen others, eventually plunging the blade into the victim’s back.

He was taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition.

Police are continuing to search for the other people involved in the stabbing.

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